World Frontiers Forum
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The world frontiers forum

The World Frontiers Forum unites leaders in industry, culture and government with pioneering creators across frontiers from contemporary art to biology.  Established around an annual gathering in Cambridge Massachusetts, the WFF aims to bring original pioneering works and dream learning into the lives of millions to help catalyze and translate frontier discovery that improves the human condition. The future exists in our collective hope that it will. 


Experience the 2017 World Frontiers Forum here


The 2018 World Frontiers Forum takes place in Cambridge on October 14 and 15.  Following an opening address on future challenges and opportunities for frontier change, artists, humanists, engineers, chefs, and other pioneers will invite 150 leaders from around the world into the experience of frontier discovery through talks, performances, future-of-food and other rare experiences.  Members and pioneers actively participate in the forum, and over the course of the two days brainstorm with an international team of young pioneers a Convergence Project aimed at one or more of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  Each year an internationally renowned young contemporary artist, recipient of the Frontier Art Prize, is invited to create a work of public art that brings the spirit of pioneering to public audiences today.

The World Frontiers Forum is operated by a charitable foundation, the Cloud ArtScience Foundation, established in 1999.