Blog Entry 1 -Why is the World Frontiers Forum heading to Berlin?

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The World Frontiers Forum comes to Berlin!


This fall we will travel to our European home to host our third Annual World Frontiers Forum. It will take place in Berlin on November 8 & 9, which coincides with the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

The story began when our founder David Edwards, met Max Senges on the Google campus in California while speaking about his latest book. 

Max was inspired by David’s work, and particularly intrigued by a book he had previously published: ‘Creativity in the post-Google generation’. Max and David engaged in further conversations, sparking a serendipitous exchange, which paved the way to a partnership between The World Frontiers Forum and Google Germany, and ultimately a warm invitation to bring the World Frontiers Forum to Berlin. Max recently moved back to Germany, and especially Berlin and feels particularly tied to the city and its history.

 We believe Berlin is an engaging and diverse, its unique history, art and culture is the perfect setting for the merging and coming together of such Pioneers and leaders from 23 countries. The participants come from all over the world to immerse themselves in works of art, documentary film, sensory experiences, brainstorming and a Convergent Digital Identity Narrative. 

Another unique component of the World Frontiers Forum is the Young Convergence Project around which, six bright young minds gather to develop a unique project. This year focuses around Digital Identity. They range from scientists, artists to social entrepreneurs. We wait in anticipation and excitement with the illustrious wonder of what will emerge over these 2 days from a collaboration of such talented minds and where this event has the potential to lead us to in the future.

Going forward we will curate inspirational exchanges happening internally among our brilliant pioneers and share some of these debates as well as a deeper look into who these bright minds are as we get near the World Frontiers Forum… stay tuned for more exciting posts 

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