The Founders

The World Frontiers Forum was founded by Dennis Ausiello (Harvard Medical School/MGH), David Edwards (Harvard, ArtScience), and Robert Langer (MIT).  Founding sponsors include Verily (an Alphabet company), The Paul G. Allen Frontiers Group, VIA Art Fund, the Wyss Institute, Brian Cohen & Carol Suchman, Brightstar Capital Partners, and the Avesta Group.  Founding Seed Sponsors include Polaris Founders Fund, Area9 Group, Piaggio Fast Forward, the Aksenov Family Foundation, and Le Laboratoire sponsors Cindy & Jonn Reed, Harvard SEAS and GSD, Northstar Advisors, Biomed Realty, and Ipsen.  The Forum is run by Le Laboratoire, which oversees the culture center and cafe, ArtScience, in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

the science pioneers

Cady Coleman. Space.  Cady is former NASA astronaut, and the first flutist to play in space.  Temple Grandin.  Human Potential.  Temple is a professor at Colorado State University, and world-renowned autism spokesperson.  Danny Hillis.  Artificial Intelligence.  Danny is professor of parallel computing, inventor of mass innovations, and visionary of The Clock of the Long Now.  Susan Hockfield.  Biology.  Susan is Emeritus President of MIT and pioneer of monoclonal antibody technology and convergence.  Robert Langer and Jim J. Collins.  Bioengineering.  Bob is the most cited engineer in history, a professor at MIT and a pioneer of drug delivery, and Jim pioneered a new field of synthetic biology by combining science and engineering to construct biological circuits that can program organisms, much like we program computers now. Cato Laurencin.  Medicine.  Cato is a scientist, surgeon, and first member of science, engineering and medicine academies across the developing world and USA.  Hans Christian Oettinger.  Physics.  Hans Christian is a physics professor at ETH in Zurich and author of a new thermodynamic approach to quantum field theory.  Dan Schrag.  Environment.  Dan is professor at Harvard University, pioneer of climate research, and leader of efforts to mitigate climate change.

The art & design pioneers

Doug Aitken. Art. Doug is an artist based in LA, internationally renowned for his works of memory, narrative, and fast-paced urban life.  Ulrik Juul Christensen.  Education.  Ulrik is founder of the new generation of adaptive learning programs used by millions of students, physicians and other professionals.  Sam Kass and Nathan Myhrvold.  Food.  Sam is a food entrepreneur and the former chef of the Obama White House and Nathan formerly Chief Technology Officer at Microsoft, is co-founder of Intellectual Ventures and the principal author of Modernist Cuisine.  Bjarke Ingels.  Architecture.  Bjarke is a Danish architect renowned for his humane urban designs.  Joi Ito.  Design.  Joi is the director of the MIT Media Lab and pioneering the exploration of indigenous culture toward the design of future society resilience.  Jeffery Schnapp.  Transporation.  Jeffrey is a pioneer of the digital humanities and founding CEO of Fast Forward.  Wendy Whalen and David Michalek.  Dance.  Wendy is a world renowned dancer from the New York City ballet and David a visual artist, the creator of Slow Dance.  Lynn Chang, Lisa Wong and Yo-Yo Ma.  Music.  Lynn is a renowned violinist and educator, Lisa a musician and pioneer of arts in medicine, and Yo-Yo a cellist and one of the most recognized musicians in the world.

The Place

The World Frontiers Forum opens on October 1, 2017 at ArtScience, the culture lab and cafe founded by inventor and writer David Edwards (Harvard) and ends on the campus of the Harvard Business School on October 3.  The partnership of ArtScience and Harvard Business School serves the twin aims of the World Frontiers Forum to catalyze change promoting human betterment through art and science intervention and to expand the coming years to provide professional education and training to meet the challenge.