The  Convergence Project is the action outcome of the World Frontiers Forum.  It combines the innovative efforts of young pioneers across disciplines to effect change toward meeting the UN Sustainable Development Goals — starting at a human impact scale of hundreds of thousands and aiming at a scale exceeding 10 million.  The 2018 convergence challenge is to specifically explore how to use the catalyst of newfound sight to improve access to food, healthcare, and creative learning to millions of young people in the developing world. Over the summer the 2018 Young Pioneers from Asia, Europe, Africa and the USA will develop the outlines of their Convergence Project.  Through brainstorming with WFF members over the two days of the Forum, the young pioneers will hone a proposal (of science, art, design, and engineering) to submit to WFF Convergence Project Partners for financing and development. 2018 Young Pioneers: Ardy Arianpour (Founder Seqster, USA).  Andrew Bastawrous (Founder Peek, UK/Africa).  Oscar Ekponimo (Founder, Chowberry, Nigeria).   Emilia Javorsky (Founder, Sundots, USA).  Reese Fernandez-Ruiz. (Founder, R2R, Philippines). 

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